Community Brandon: The benefits of using your local library

Research consistently shows that when we teach children life skills at a young age, they grow to become smart men and women. The library is a partner in child and adult development, lifelong learning and community cohesion. Personally, I’m convinced that the library has a gluing role in social cohesion and integration.

Below I impart with my top 6 reasons why we should all be using our local library.


1. Benefits for Children

The library introduces children to the dictionary at an early age. It expands children’s capacity for vocabulary, research and independence. Libraries instil the love of writing and reading in children which can positively alter their reading, writing and research skills. Using the local library is crucial during child development and the local library exists to ensure that children can continue learning while away from school.

The library is a controlled space for connecting with children while allowing them space and time to make own connections. Children can now enjoy many free activities with their parent/s or guardian at the local library. For example, an animation course with their parent/s or guardian at the local library.


The best candy shop a child can be left alone in, is the library.

— Maya Angelou


2. For Further Education and New Skills

The library is a treasure trove of free programs that may support learning away from school. The library offers various free courses, activities, and resources for both children and adults. The courses provided at local libraries are part of a national backed scheme.  Visit your local library to learn what’s available.


3. Saving Time and Money

Save both time and money on services in your local library;

    • hiring work-spaces and group rooms
    • advice starting-up business
    • finding work online
    • living and doing things online
    • affordable printing


4. Make New Friends 

The activities offered at the local library include reading clubs, game clubs, movie clubs and science clubs. These activities have a social and community theme, the library is an efficient space to meet people and grow a network in the local community.


5. Political Values

The library champions and reflect values as part of the community life. The library is a community and citizen learning institution for diverse citizen populations. The local library is centrally positioned to bring community issues to social agencies, lawmakers and third sector. Keep up-to-date with community events and initiatives through the local library.


When a library is open, no matter its shape or size, democracy is open, too.

— Bill Moyers


6. Relaxation & Comfort

I’ve never left a library feeling stressed out or low. It is such a relaxing environment with so much more to offer than books, and it’s just around the corner.


I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.

— Jorge Luis Borges


There are so many benefits and enjoyable things that we can do and achieve through the local library. Many of which policymakers and citizens are yet to explore. These are my top 6 benefits of using your local library.


Published by John Adewole

Senior User Researcher

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