Interview with Honey Adewole… author of materbeampater

I caught up with Honey Adewole to ask about her new book Materbeampater.

Materbeampater is a humorous collection of short stories, with larger than life characters. 

It is a combination of narrative poetry, fables and nonsense. The book is published by Olympia, it is available on Amazon and available in retail and wholesale. 

The book is a humorous book of poetry based on the lessons of life. There are poems about naughty girls, a boy who eats peanuts and peanut-butter non-stop, and all sorts of strange but normal young people.

Young will laugh out loud when reading the book.

— Diana Perry

Story Monsters Magazine June  2017

Honey Adewole

Tell me  a little bit about yourself

I’m an accountant and live in London with my family.

I love reading children’s books because they keep me young at heart. I enjoy creativity, this is my first book.

So, there will be a sequel. Will it be new concept?

There will be a sequel to Materbeampater and I will write more exciting stories for children and the family in the future.

Where did you learn to use poetry to tell stories?

Poetry was a part of my life growing up in primary and secondary school. Writing it came naturally with as much fun as reading it.

I see myself writing more poetry in the future even for a more mature audience.

Where did you get your insipiration?

Materbeampater came to me as a result of a need to write something different.

I wanted to write a book that could remind me always, of what it was like growing up;

The naughtiness I had fun with, learning to accept and discover myself and overcoming peer pressure.

You say a need. Can you elaborate briefly, please?

I want something that’s not so common in this very politically correct world of ours. Something cool enough to remind me of when I was growing up.

It was the perfect combination of morals and humour.

Tell us about Materbeampater

The book is divided into three parts or sections.

The Naughties captures the “fable(ish)/ humour” tone I intended.

The Gritties captures the every child is different and the importance of accepting who you are tone I intended (with humour)

The Notables – in a way, combines the humour and the other things that the naughties and gritties represent.

The two stories under the Notables (Slacked nose Linda and The Tea Pot people) can be very much enjoyed by the younger kids. They are the simplest to read in terms of age.

What’s the message you want the readers to take away from the book?

Readers of Materbeampater can learn to see the funny side of life in general by adding this piece to their read-for-pleasure library.

While it includes fables and poetry and other fun elements, the book also creates an avenue for parents, teachers and children to discuss a lot of these issues that middle graders experience in school; bullying, being different, self-acceptance and self-discipline.

All achieved while reading this short story book written in bite-sized verses.   Readers of Materbeampater can also improve their sense of humour.

What next from here?

I hope to write a follow-up Materbeampater book, re-telling the stories of individual characters and their various encounters as they navigate middle school.

I aspire to become a screenwriter and a filmmaker someday.  And would love to write more children’s books

Humour is important, so read as many humorous books as you can, so that you can be as happy as a bunny.

Sneak Preview Poppy Brown P.7

Get the Book on Amazon

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