How to understand digital inclusion

According to Popay, exclusion “consists of dynamic, multi-dimensional processes driven by unequal power relationships interacting across four main dimensions—economic, political, social and cultural—and at different levels including individual, household, group, community, country and global levels. It results in a continuum of inclusion/exclusion characterised by unequal access to resources, capabilities and rights which leads to health and living inequalities”.

Social exclusion

This is a state in which individuals are unable to participate fully in economic, social, political and cultural life. Participation may be hindered by lack of access to material resources, including income and housing, or information or services such as education and health care. Exclusion impacts the quality of life of individuals and their geography.

It involves the lack or denial of resources, rights, goods and services, and the inability to participate in the normal relationships and activities, available to the majority of people in a society, whether in economic, social, cultural or political arenas. It affects both the quality of life of individuals and the equity and cohesion of society as a whole

Social Inclusion

Social inclusion on the other hand ensures that those at risk of poverty and exclusion gain opportunities and resources necessary to participate fully in economic, social, political and cultural life. Social inclusion is the process of improving the terms of participation in society, particularly, for people who are disadvantaged, through enhancing opportunities, access to resource, voice, security and respect for rights.

Process of improving the terms for individuals and groups to take part in society. It aims to empower poor and marginalised people to take advantage of rising opportunities in emerging forms of economies.

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Published by John Adewole

Senior User Researcher

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