Benefits of using digital to transform your hands-on passion

In the article, I impart with benefits of adopting social media for your hands-on passion as diffused through my work with street-market traders in Walworth (Southwark).

What is a street market?

A Street market is a temporary public market normally set up outdoors on specified days of the week. Street markets are sewed into the community’s social fabric, and often a reflection of the character and values of the neighbourhood.

For perspective and clarity, I revisit my time with Emmanuel and Eva at East street market on Walworth road.

Upon acquiring new digital skills through Learn My Way and HM Revenue and customs webinars, (Emmanuel) wanted to transform his passion for eggs and community learning with his new digital skills.

Emmanuel CEO was convinced that he could transform his passion for trade and eggs for the benefit of immediate communities.

I concurred! He had my full attention. This is a great Idea, I thought… silently. 

So often, community educators struggle to identify new opportunities for personalised further learning, for both learners and volunteers. Now they’ve acquired new digital skills or aided the digital up-skill of local people – how do we cater for their own continued development and lifelong learning?

Firstly and obviously, there is no one way to achieve as I’ve learned that the learning requirement of individuals and organisations are unique. However, I hope that by sharing Oligab eggs experience, I can highlight a starting point or possible journey for your hands-on passion.

Impact of social media on Emmanuel’s hands-on passion

1. Market Penetration & Development and Business Development: Besides the traditional benefits and routine audience, can the unknown access the uniqueness of your product and service? The opportunities for diversification swiftly manifested. Oligab is offering every edible poultry egg from under one roof, but oblivious to the team, Oligab would also be in the middle of many cafes and restaurants.

Employing social media increased Oligab’s visibility which inevitably set the organization apart from many market stalls and small businesses. Oligab sells eggs and is also a major supplier to cafes and restaurants in Southwark. The company now runs apprentice and intern programmes for young-people and underprivileged in the local community from its market stalls.

2. Personal Growth and Learning: We, community educators, often struggle to identify opportunities for tailored learning for both our learners and the volunteers. Emmanuel was clear about his goals from the offset, and he was going to use his new digital skills with or without my continued education.

Adopting social media increased Emmanuel’s sense of awareness, curiosity and thirst for autonomy. Naturally, branching out into new arenas was going to present challenges, however, Emmanuel was able to meet the learning needs with my guide and reinforcing microlearning via Learn My Way and HM Revenue and customs product and services.

3. Brand Development and Community Learning: Street traders often maintain close ties to the community and its members. Research has consistently shown that weak-ties are cultivated through single points or mediums of communications, while strong-ties require multiple-connected mediums of communication. By adopting the extra points and mediums of communication, Oligab eggs bridge and mitigate perception gaps between farmers and local communities.

Though debatable, eggs are also famed for their protein and vitamin content and vital for strong growth and development. By adapting and integrating traditional marketing techniques with solid social media infrastructures – Emmanuel is able to share and educate local communities on the health benefits of eggs – realising his passion for eggs and community learning.

Learn more or get help

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