Introducing music to our social/digital inclusion design

Taking music lessons or learning a musical instrument can benefit a developing brain in many ways. It is scientifically proven that music has magical effects on a person’s brain development and logical and perceptual skills. Children exposed to music lessons at a young age have enhanced brain functionality positively impacting their skills, development, exposure and academics.

According to Maria at IFB Gaming, music is a human phenomenon, it’s one of the few sensory experience that activates all areas of the brain simultaneously. To manifest this expressive art therapy we will use music to improve the physical, psychological and social well-being of individuals at our learning centres and through local and community events in Brandon.


(IFB Gaming’s Maria, L)


Listening to certain musical pieces can improve our physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs. Music can positively impact stress, depression, and loneliness and the new music sessions are devised for these reasons.

The sessions will feature different activities such listening to music, singing and playing a musical instrument.

It will be delivered in two phases: (1) active and (2) receptive.

In active therapy everyone takes a part in the action – creating music with instruments, voices and other objects.

A lot of times when people have some problem is difficult to talk about it. Expressing yourself in the language of music gives more freedom and free room for interpretation.

This phase settles the learner, it helps the learner/s to express their feelings and emotions freely.

Receptive therapy takes place in a more relaxed ambience where the therapist plays or makes music to the patient for creativity, to listen or for meditation.

The right selection of different classical pieces can have positive effect and improves our well-being. This phase is conducted in groups where the music is carefully selected.

Music has positive impact on discipline and confidence. It is a way to express and release emotions. There are lot of benefits of learning music, for instance: improved health; making new friends; training, discipline and patience; a stress reviler; it enhances creativity; learn new things; connect with others; and be part of a group and community.


About Maria L

Maria is a London-based Bulgarian violinist and music teacher and future education trustee at IFB Gaming. Maria is a familiar face in schools and colleges in Lambeth and Southwark boroughs of London. Maria’s teachings is based on Eastern European theorem. Maria holds a Masters in violin.


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