Tablets during these uncertain times: Yay or Nay?

Love them or hate them, a new tablet is on many people’s mind during these uncertain times. However, along with the purchase of a new tablet inevitably comes the guilt of giving your children more “screen time”. Now, before the guilt sets in let me clear up some of the misperceptions that many parents haveContinue reading “Tablets during these uncertain times: Yay or Nay?”

Get Online Week at Brandon Estate: After Campaign Report

Yay! we participated in Get Online week at Brandon Estate !! What is Get Online week? It’s a week set-aside by UK charities to reinvigorate out collective commitment to tackling social exclusion and integration in England. The campaign was birth in 2006/07 and championed by Good Things Foundation. ⚡️ “Get Online Week 2018” by @getonlineweek reading “Get Online Week at Brandon Estate: After Campaign Report”

Community Brandon: Get Online Week 2018

Get Online Week is back! This year, charities and community organisations serving Brandon unite at the Brandon library to celebrate the event for the first time in our sector. The 7-day campaign will give local charity leaders (such as Find My Charity, IFB Gaming, Southwark library service and Online Centres Network) an opportunity to networkContinue reading “Community Brandon: Get Online Week 2018”