Community Brandon: Get Online Week 2018

Get Online Week is back! This year, charities and community organisations serving Brandon unite at the Brandon library to celebrate the event for the first time in our sector.

The 7-day campaign will give local charity leaders (such as Find My Charity, IFB Gaming, Southwark library service and Online Centres Network) an opportunity to network directly with the community.


What is Get Online Week?

Get Online Week is not a new or emerging national event. More than 11 years ago, a date in October was first marked out to bring digital inclusion to national attention in the UK – and Get Online Week was born.

Since initiation, the event has grown into a week-long, annual celebration, with thousands of events taking place each year in communities across the UK, giving everyone the chance to find the help they need to improve their digital skills.

The 7-day campaign is pioneered by Good Things Foundation and IFB Gaming and it will run from 15th to 22nd of October. A wealth of information on the campaign and fit to the wider spectrum is available on Good Things Foundation’s website.


So, come along to Brandon Estate on Cooks road between the 15th and 22nd of October to:

  1. Register at the community library
  2. Register for Learn My Way
  3. Get help with computer and Apps and Software SW
  4. Be aware of the courses available through the library and Rachel Leigh
  5. Meet local digital champions
  6. Learn more and register for FREE technology and sewing classes
  7. Take selfies around the estate


Join us! Get your FREE ticket


Join the community on Twitter with #CommunityBrandon #Try1Thing

Published by John Adewole

Senior User Researcher

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