Get Online week 2019: Brandon Estate


More than 12 years ago a date was marked in October to bring digital inclusion to national attention in the UK – ‘Get Online Week’ was born!!

About Get Online Week

Since inception in 2006, the campaign has grown into a week-long, annual celebration, with thousands of events taking place each year in communities across the UK and Australia. GOW creatively scales the Governments digital agenda, giving everyone the chance to find the help they need to improve their digital skills.

GOW at Brandon Estate

For the second year running, I orchestrated and successfully led Community Brandon during ‘Get Online Week’. This is also the second year that the campaign’s also been delivered globally – with the support of friends in Australia.

Similarly to Get Online Week 2018 on Brandon Estate, I successfully united community organisations and charities serving Brandon Estate to manifest resilient community health and deliver profound Get Online Week campaigns.

Organisations that participated during Get Online Week include:

  1. Rachel Leigh Community Centre
  2. LAM Bakery
  3. Brandon Library
  4. Latin American Disabled People’s Project
  5. IFB Gaming

What really goes on during Get Online Week?
During GOW, thousands of events take place in communities across the UK. The campaign aims to ensure that everyone can benefit from digital and technology-adoption maturity, and that they have access to the resources and support to do so.

GOW events are delivered through a network of charities and community organisations and other stakeholders – such as: bank branches; job centres; and libraries, underneath the umbrella of the UK’s flagship Online Centre Network.

Although the traditional goal of GOW is to support individuals with digital skills and development, the campaign has slowly evolved into a larger and far-reaching social integration programme.

In many instances, such as, Brandon Estate, the campaign is now woven into the social and cultural fabric of some London communities. For some London communities, it is an important moment of unity, reflection, and of reconciliation.

Helen Milner & Joy Baker at Get Online Week. Brandon Estate, 2019.

What’s next for Brandon Estate?

We aim to build on a second Get Online Week with new strategic partnerships, locally. We have already introduced a new community-wide volunteer programme.

The campaign will be back next year, and whoever you are, there are lots of ways to take part – find an event, register to hold an event, or simply help us spread the word. Find out more about how you can take part at

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Senior User Researcher

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