In loving memory of Charlotte Huggins – Brandon Estate

Charlotte Huggins Memorial

Charlotte was taken from her friends and family on the 1st of January, 2019. She’s widely believed to be the first knife-victim of 2019. A local man street-named Chucks has been jailed for 20 years the crime.

Charlotte was a truly wonderful and selfless person. She was kind, a happy and bubbly person, and she was approachable. In a community where the majority exist in silos, I couldn’t have pulled off a successful Get Online Week in 2018 without the support of local people, such as, Charlotte and Lilly.

No matter who you ask, they have the same things to say about Charlotte – she was simply a wonderful person! A lens we shared when I walked into the Heart of the Community in October to meet the team deliberating Charlotte’s memorial (below).

Rachel Leigh Community Centre is now a UK Online Centre

Charlotte’s departure should serve as a reminder of the damages violence causes in our homes, communities, and society. A reminder that more should be done to protect children and women in vulnerable and digitally-excluded communities.

Charlotte Huggins 1985-2019

In contrast to 2018, there were only 2 fatalities on Brandon Estate in 2019, below:

  1. Charlotte Huggins;
  2. Clinton Evbota.

Finally, I want to say an enormous ‘Thank You’ to everyone working towards a safer, prosperous, fairer, equal and a modern Brandon and to those responsible for Charlotte’s memorial. Thank you! Together, we will all achieve more!!

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