Benefits of using technology for small business

Technology is changing the community we live in, it is changing the way we work, it is changing the way we communicate, it is changing how we do business – it is changing our lives.

In the article I impart with my top 5 benefits of adopting technology for small business and community organizations.

  • Potential for increased growth: through increased productivity and the ability to reach new customers and new markets easily
  • Customer transaction benefits: by doing more online, small businesses can offer a a greater variety of products and services, provide faster service, save on shelf space and operational cost, and compete on price
  • Efficiency savings: through reductions in staff time spent on processing transactions, building and estate management, and postage and packaging
  • Innovative and new ways of working: by adopting new technology that enhances the offer to customers, develops new products and services and improves competitive advantage
  • Supporting entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship can extend opportunities for all, regardless of background, with positive impacts into disadvantaged communities to local business

Digital technology is no longer new, yet it continues to constantly evolve and extend its reach. Despite widespread internet access, there is a deep divide between those who have the digital skills and confidence to benefit from the internet and those who do not.

For instance, the rollout of Universal Credit (UC) in the UK expose the link between digital disadvantage and poverty relief. It highlights the importance of essential digital skills to access benefits and comply with conditionalities. A longitudinal study conducted by the UK’s DWP, Department of Works and Pensions, found that:

  • only half (54%) were able to register their claim unassited
  • three in ten said that they needed ongoing help with their UC digital account

[DWP, 2018]

Published by John Adewole

Senior User Researcher

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