3Ps for powering up action in small communities

In the article, I discuss the 3Ps framework for powering community action and how IFB Gaming used the 3-step change framework to support charities and community organizations at Southwark’s Brandon Estate.

Power Up People and Businesses: This is about building digital confidence so that people are motivated to learn and keep on learning, and apply digital skills efficiently in daily life and work.

Power Up Provision: is about improving what is already offered by embedding digital into existing programmes, so that digital literacy and skills are not silo-d and continuous learning is nurtured.

Power Up Places: is about connecting community organizations, service providers and others to provide individuals and businesses with a collaborative atmosphere. Digital inclusion has proven to be a viable catalyst for local economic development.

[Good Things Foundation & J.P Morgan, 2019]



P.U.P & Brandon Estate

Brandon Estate is a social housing estate in Southwark, south London. The estate is situated to the south of Kennington Park – it sits between Oval and Walworth road. The estate was built in 1958 by the London County Council.

1. Powering Up People – UNFREEZE

Mobile tutoring & Get Online Week 2018:

  • I joined the UK’s flagship Online Centres Network in 2018
  • I initiated new mobile tutoring based on data and concrete evidence
  • I drove interest and awareness by integrating with Voicebox Cafe
  • I formed strategic alliances with a local charity, a local business and the local library to unite mobile learners at the library for Get online week 2018

2. Powering Up Provision – TRANSFORM

Introducing new organization to Online Centres Network:

  • I removed existing silo walls by negotiating and introducing a new umbrella brand and a supporting project board
  • I united another local business and Latin America People’s Disabled Project (LADPP) with the existing alliance to execute an integrated Get Online Week 2019
  • I introduced Rachel Leigh Community hall to the UK’s flagship Online Centres Network

3. Powering Up Places – REFREEZE

Get Online Week 2019:

  • I coordinated the new centre’s transition with the sectors dedicated network specialist
  • I recruited volunteers and initiated digital champions training for the new centre – Rachel Leigh Centre
  • I handed over the new centre to the capable hands of Rachel Leigh and new digital champions

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