Become More By Championing Digital: Home, Community & Workplace

Hello Everyone! I hope the Holiday is being friendly to you. It was no doubt a challenging year for many people and personally speaking, I was unable to build on the successes of 2019. That said though, while the pandemic was disruptive, I think you may find that it also presented opportunities for new, further and continued learning in many arenas of life.

Though the lockdown restrictions have been significantly relaxed in many Nations, the unpredictability and uncertainty surrounding the Pandemic and expected-vaccine remains. So, try to imagine how I felt when I received an invitation to join a prominent community called Become More Tribe right at the end of the year. I was well chuffed!!!

Before I proceed, I want to apologise because I cannot tell you much about the learning organisation’s culture and structure, except for the wonderful work Become More Tribe does in Nigerian communities epitomised by its successive reach, outcomes and impact. However, having followed the learning organisation with passionate-inquisitiveness for several months, I am convinced that Digital Champions can learn more and further benefit from Becoming More. Digital Champions can systematically support any holistic initiative aimed at helping our communities to become more and better.

So, why am I so excited about Become More Tribe?

You are probably wondering, what is so exciting about being invited to a group? I know, people are invited to and join groups every other day.

In 2020, I supported 10 schools and 100+ teachers with digital literacy, digital inclusion, digital literacy and remote learning. For optimal goal and benefit realisation, I employed a concept called Digital Champions. It was highly successful. However, bringing into the context the unpredictability of the pandemic and geographical disparities, I have struggled to visualise a continuity plan with an happy ending favourable to all the stakeholders.

Digital Champions are often appointed by their network, communities or by their workplace to help them promote the benefits of learning technologies and an inclusive and blended learning-organisation. Digital Champions are people of all ages and from all backgrounds and communities.

They help others understand the benefits of using the internet and technology and can show them how to do simple things online that can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Read all about Digital Champions with this link.

Mrs Yinka Ogunde

Firstly, Mrs Yinka Ogunde, who I have mentioned severally in my discussions champions the initiative. Mrs Yinka Ogunde, a dedicated Educator, Mother, Wife, and passionate Lifelong Learner was recently, and in my opinion, rightly, credited in Nigerian media for her role in the continued transformation of the country’s education system.

In my last tele-conference, here, I exclusively gave a shout-out for her work in Nigerian grassroot communities. In the same video, here, I impart with my concern that while there’s a lot of work focused on a prosperous, equal and fairer Nigeria, there is not enough connectivity, downwardly impacting collaboration. Please watch the tele-conference here and do let me know what you think – thank you!!

Becoming a member of Become More Tribe exposes me and my team to like-minded persons and relationships and fundamentally, collaborative spaces where “we can continually expand our capacity to create the results we truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where we are continually learning how to learn together” ~ Peter Senge.

Secondly, and perhaps most important to me, I do not want Digital Championship to become a fad. Joining Become More Tribe can creatively elongate the sustainability of Digital Championship in Nigeria. You can revisit the first Digital Champion Meeting in Lagos State here.

FREE Digital Skills For Beginners

Thirdly, the UN suggests that there are three levels to Social Sustainability, namely; Digital Inclusion; Digital Integration; Digital Cohesion. In my experience working in England & Wales, Nigeria, Kenya and Australia, I find it pivotal to understand the three stages, know your current stage, and to know when to move from a stage to the next. The thing is, we have now reached tech-adoption maturity in our respective countries. The maturity was unwittingly escalated and catalysed by the sudden emergence and swift spread of the Pandemic. At Digital Nation NG, we are now at Stage II of the UN’s Social Sustainability Framework and we couldn’t have asked for a more promising start to (Digital) Integration than an invite to become more with Become More Tribe.

Fourthly, educators played a pivotal role during the peak of the Pandemic in several countries. In my opinion, they were as essential as many tagged groups of essential citizens during the peak of the Pandemic. Suddenly, there is a certain sense of urgency that CPD – Continuous Professional Development and PDP, Personal, as well as, Professional Development Planning can no longer be treated as a luxury, it has become a must. In response to this knowledge, Digital Nation NG initiated the Connected Educator project in December 2020. Through Become More Tribe’s thought-leadership and outreach, Connected Educators can actively participate and strategically inform Knowledge Exchange, Knowledge Management, Policy Development.

Finally, all the above are inherently and readily available through Become More Tribe: a shared and mutual sense of space, culture and purpose. As the name may suggest, Become More Tribe empowers people to become better and they also empower the people with the tangible and intangible resources and know-how to empower other people.

Connecting Educator’s Connecting Classroom Project at Scholars’ Crest International School, Omole, Lagos State

I truly believe that Become More Tribe will breed new life into our programmes at Digital Nation NG. At Become More Tribe, we can participate with agility and independence, as an individual or as an organisation while developing meaningful, constructive, reinforcing and purposeful relationships and a shared sense of place and culture.

At Become More Tribe, we will also be exposed to the latest industry news, trend, and policies and we can actively participate in policy development through purpose-driven and person-centred social research and innovation.

I look forward to 2021 and to learning from, as well as, working with a group that continually strives for a fairer, prosperous, equal and sustainable Education in Nigeria. You may have heard the saying “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change a Nation” ~ Nelson Mandela

Published by John Adewole

PMP. Digital Evangelist. Leading British Gamification Practitioner. Computer Science Teacher.

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