In Loving Memory of Mrs. Nnenna Onche (January 9, 1978 – January 3, 2021)

The flag off of Digital Championship in Nigeria was both timely and much of a success because of the enthusiasm with which the educators embraced it. Mrs. Onche Ajah Nnenna was one of the educators.

We met Mrs. Onche at Broadway Junior School – a member school of Digital Nation NG – where she coached grade level 4 and 5.

She joined Broadway in 2009, her contributions to the growth of the school is immeasurable. A 2005 graduate of English/Literature from Oju College of Education, Benue State in Nigeria, she is passionate about teaching and the opportunity to help students learn.

As the Pandemic hit the Nigeria Education system, Nnenna quickly embraced digital literacy and showed that in her dedication to attending all trainings we offered her school.

As a founding member of the Digital Nation NG, her passion for learning quickly made her grow in a short time to become a Tier 2 Digital Champion supporting citizens with digital skills in her community and in her workplace.

Nnenna will be greatly missed not only for her contribution to her immediate community, Digital Nation NG and Broadway Junior School, but because she was a wonderful human being, nothing was too big or too small for Mrs Onche. Mrs Onche always put the welfare and wellbeing of people around her before her own, always.

She leaves 2 children, her parents, siblings and her spouse behind.

Children: Odeh Williams Onche, Princess Omago Faith Onche

Parents: Edwin Ajah (Father), Josephine Ajah (Mother)

Spouse: Mr Onche Jonathan Inalegwu

Siblings: Emaka, Julie, Blessing, Bethel, Ijeoma, Uzoamaka, Ogbonna

Our hearts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. “It is not the years in a life that counts; it is the life in the years.” ~ Adlai Stevenson (US Ambassador to the United Nations, 1961-65)

Nnenna led and lived a good life, we will all miss her.

Goodbye and rest well, Mrs Nnenna Ajah Onche.

Please get in touch via email using to learn what Digital Champions NG are doing to support Mrs Onche’s family.

Mrs Onche Nnenna

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