IFB Gaming joins Future Dot Now Coalition

It delights me to announce that IFB Gaming has joined Future Dot Now Coalition.

Building the digital and data provisions, accessibility and capabilities of BAME communities is key to our digital transformation. However, we do not always have to wait for the problem to escalate before we start any planning process. The pandemic has created a sense of urgency highlighting that old ways may not suffice for the future and that we should amplify digital inclusion and eradicate data poverty. But no one organisation or government or community can do it alone. This is why we are delighted to take the pledge and join Future Dot Now coalition to tackle digital inclusion.

Digi Evol 2019

Future Dot Now is a coalition of organisations focused on boosting the UK’s workplace’s essential digital skills. The coalition is championed by Liz Williams MBE who is also the Founder and Chief Executive of Future Dot Now. There are currently 133 members, including organisations such as Good Things Foundation, IBM, Microsoft, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide Building Society, and PwC, in the coalition.

Fostering a digitally-enabled culture is crucial to our success as a nation, which is why we are proud to join the Future Dot Now coalition, to share insights that will help other members while also learning from the other fantastic organisations in the coalition.

About IFB Gaming

IFB stands for International friends bureau. IFB is games-based research and learning organisation focused on the intersection of play and lifelong learning and digital inclusion.

At IFB, we extract the elements that make the gaming paradigm engaging, alluring, fun and social for digital and non-digital products and services. IFB was formalized in 2019.

What being part of the coalition means to us at IFB Gaming

Based on our market positioning as a games-based and bridge research and learning organization, the coalition will support our mission realisation in the following ways.

  1. To gain support from big names (individuals and organizations) already tackling digital inclusion in England & Wales
  2. To share insights and acquire new insights and know-how that will be tailored to digital inclusion from the bottom-up
  3. To bring the coalition up-to-date on the benefits of Gamification and emerging trends
  4. To create new awareness programmes for the wonderful application readily available for Third Sector organisations and community organisations
  5. To share new opportunities and devise conduits that will continue to manifest the UK as the number one through strategic partnerships in the commonwealth
  6. To promote the Essential Digital Skills Framework in BAME communities and from the bottom-up
  7. To support organizations with volunteering opportunities in the community
  8. To provide free and affordable workplace digital training and products for the members of the coalition

EDS – Essential Digital Skill Framework

The Essential Digital Skills Framework (above) outlines five key skills and provides examples of tasks that people should be able to complete to demonstrate each skill. Each skill has a distinct focus, but the fifth skill – being safe, legal and confident online – is also embedded across the other four. Read all about Essential Digital Framework on Future Dot Now’s website.

EDS framework was particularly effective during our Digital Inclusion Tour (when we supported 10 schools and 200+ teachers with remote learning and digital inclusion) in 2020. The headteacher of Hubert Ogunde Memorial Montessori school shares her experience in the YouTube video below.

The pandemic has highlighted old gaps and exposed new gaps. The thing is, there is a lot of work going on in UK communities similarly focused on a prosperous, connected, fairer, and sustainable digital economy. However, a lot of the work often exists in silos and largely goes unreported and unaligned to systemic conduits.

I am convinced that we now need a robust, comprehensive and circular strategy held together with strategic partnerships and deliberately driven from the bottom-up with humans/communities at the core.

According to the City of London News Room, the UK is at the forefront of the digital revolution, with the pace of growth for technology, media and creative businesses outperforming the wider economy. Yet the speed of change is leaving many behind.

  • 53% of UK employees do not have the essential digital skills required for the workplace
  • 4.1 million adults in the UK are still ‘offline’, with 75% indicating that ‘nothing’ could motivate them to change
  • 11.3 million UK adults still lack the essential skills to access the internet, communicate and solve problems online

The Future Dot Now coalition has therefore committed to the following pledges – and is encouraging other organisations to join in and do the same. Only together, will we successfully develop fluid, connected and sustainable solutions that are fit for the task and challenges that lay ahead.

Published by John Adewole

Senior User Researcher

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