John Adewole

I’m an education consultant, life-long learner, cultural geographer and project management professional with over 20 years commercial and industry experience.

I get organisations excited about technology. I provide them with resources, materials and digital inclusion training.

I hold degrees in Business Information Systems and Business Information Technology, acquired from London South Bank University and the University of Portsmouth. I also hold a master’s degree in project management and leadership (University of Portsmouth).

Till date, I’ve directly and indirectly supported 3 million people with digital literacy and inclusion in England & Wales and Nigeria.

Research Milestones

  • 2x successful longitudinal virtual ethnography in gaming paradigm
  • 6 pillars of digital society for tackling digital exclusion
  • Missed cues in online gaming
  • Practical and actionable Gamification of Society: IFB Gaming
  • Chapter contribution to Volume 3 of Learning, Education and Games

Career Milestones

  • Opened the first virtual-retail store (
  • Leading British gamification designer
  • Institutionalised the first delivery function at Decathlon PLC
  • 4 successful retail merchandise relay
  • 7 successful retail-operations audits
  • Chief executive officer and founder of IFB Gaming (

2018 – 2019 Projects

  1. Get Online Week at Brandon Estate 2018
  2. Learning, Education and Games. Volume 3: 100 Games for the classroom and beyond. Games-based reference. 100 authors. Over 150 Women in Tech cited.
  3. Bridging The Digital Divide at Southwark’s Brandon
  4. VoiceBox Cafe Brandon: Giving Women a voice in politics and public life
  5. Community As Playground: City As Playground
  6. Kennington 1848: Chartist Project
  7. Website design for Oligab Eggs
  8. Website design for Destiny & CoCo Plus size fashion
  9. Website design for Chantz Marie Boutique London
  10. Website design for Oligab Eggs
  11. Get Online Week 2019

2020 Projects

  1. Nigeria Digital Inclusion Tour. I supported five schools with digital inclusion and I trained 40 teachers
  2. Get Online Week 2020
  3. Website design, Front Range School Akoka
  4. Website design. for Lavender Books Series
  5. Digital Design Training, Scholars’ Crest International School
  6. Awarded by UNICEF UK, Red Cross Society, Master Card and Good Things Foundation

(Updated: 02/12/2020)