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Bridging The Digital Divide

Although Government and other organisations are prioritising digital inclusion, we now know that more can be achieved with greater commitment and by working in partnership across sectors.

Bridging the Digital Divide calls on Government and other organisations to help the UK become the most digitally included nation in the world. The programme is piloted by Good Things Foundation through Online Centres Network.

Why Bridge The Digital Divide?

With more and more services moving to digital platforms to save money, the digital literacy needed to use these services is not keeping pace. Those without digital skills are likely to be the most vulnerable and excluded.

Today, 11.3 million adults in the UK still lack the essential digital skills that are necessary for life and work. And in just ten years almost 7 million adults in the UK – 12% of the adult population – will be left behind as a result of digital exclusion.

Who can Bridge The Digital Divide?

We are calling on Government, institutions, academics and other organisations to commit to helping everyone in the UK online by 2028.

Only by working together, can we realise the estimated benefits and make the UK the first 100% digitally included nation in the world.


Benefits of Bridging The Divide

According to investigations conducted at Good Things Foundation: Providing everyone in the UK with the essential digital skills they need by 2028 will lead to a benefit of £15 for every £1 invested, and a net present value of £21.9 billion.

Bridging the Digital Divide at IFB Gaming

IFB Gaming employs game-based research and solutions to mitigate social exclusion and nurture new social capital for integration and cohesion in London.

For scale: IFB Gaming is part of online centres network; IFB Gaming works with academics; Gaming’s programme is piloted via Brandon Estate in Southwark; and universally disseminated via British Higher Education and Online Centres Network.

IFB Gaming’s mission during #BridgingTheDigitaDivide

  1. Community engagement and client-market acquisition support for national ‘Bridging The Digital Divide‘ programme
  2. Unify local Online Centres Network’s serving Walworth and Brandon at Brandon library for Get Online Week 2018
  3. Project Digital Brandon – “A Brandon where everyone benefits from digital”
  4. Knowledge transfer through strategic partnerships with British Higher Education (read my call-for-partnership) and commonwealth Nigerian institution
  5. Get Online Week 2019 and handover to Rachel Leigh community centre

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