The Connected Educator

The Connected Educator Network is a network of international educators and researchers brought together by IFB Gaming to reduce digital exclusion in schools and higher education institutions, one geography at a time.

The network was birth in 2020 and a concomitant of Online Centres Network, 2020, Inclusion tour of Nigeria, West Africa.

According to CEN’s Outreach Manager…

One of the biggest take-away from this lockdown – Education, Educating, teachers, learners, are all the same across the globe, experiencing the same things (except for differing individual national policies.) Plus, learning is not restricted to the four walls of the school, and teachers alone cannot do the magic!

Olufunmi Joshua, Outreach Manager Nigeria – CEN

CEN is a bridge-project and part of Good Things Foundation’s #FixTheDigitalDivide. The Connected Educator Network aims to connect British Educators and Classrooms with their peers and counterparts in West Africa.

We achieve our goals through field-based research and reporting and strategic partnerships. Up till date, the network has supported 10 Nigerian schools and trained 350 teachers in Nigeria and more in Kenya, Australia and England and Wales. Collectively, through the UK’s Online Centres Network amalgamated by Good Things Foundation, CEN has directly or indirectly supported the digital up-skill of 13.9m people across the globe.