Can we really benefit from employing game mechanics in non-game contexts and in the real world?

Gamebassadors promote the positive benefits of “online” gaming and the socio-economic benefits of video games and eSports.

Gamebassadors do so by transforming play-time for knowledge transfer and development in the real-world.


Just before the manifestation of Covid-19, the World Health Organization classified excessive gaming as a mental health disorder. For the first time, we also had political contributions to the discussion, both in the UK and in the US, and other parts of the world alike. Here in England, children and adults can now be treated for gaming addiction under NHS long term plan.

But, there is so much that we can still learn from gaming for digital inclusion. Such is the social and moral panics surrounding the discussion that even at IFB Gaming we will introduce a sister brand called Digital Nation, just to dilute the negativity surrounding gaming and a games-based organisation. This further compounded by:

1, Industry adoption of gaming over betting or gambling

2, Lack of longitudinal studies

3, Inability to access diverse dataset due to parenting and the now-transformed attitudes towards privacy and data.

There is so much that we can learn from the experience of modality-switching from the gaming paradigm. It is an integral part of Digital Play, under Digital Living, in my 6-Pillars design, namely:

1, Digital Citizen

2, Digital Living

3, Digital Education

4, Digital Commerce

5, Digital Health

6, Digital Governance

In January 2020, NHS mental health director Claire Murdoch called on gaming companies to crack down on gambling addiction risks by banning loot boxes from their products, warning that video games pushing young people into ‘under the radar’ gambling.

The discussion is far from over and as we enter the final stages of tech-adoption maturity, many online constructs will not all be relational, they will also be game-like. Now, this further contaminates an already entangled and complex discussion.

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A PlayStation Cave at Southwark’s Brandon Library