Get Online Week at Brandon Estate 2019

It’s that time of the year!! And I am proud to join the UK’s flagship Online Centres Network to support Good Things Foundation with Get Online Week 2019. Get Online Week is significant checkpoint for the UK’s Online Centres Network – a network of 5000+ charities and community organisations amalgamated by Good Things Foundation (Formerly Tinder Foundation).

Get Online Week was introduced by Good Things Foundation in 2006. It has since evolved into a 7-day annual campaign. 7-days, set aside by the UK’s Online Centres Network to reinvigorate our commitments to tackle the effect of social inclusion in England and Wales. It is now an International event, and so far, GOW has supported over 1 million people with digital skills in England and Wales, and in Australia.

Who really benefits from GOW

  • Vulnerable citizens: Mental health, (risk of) loneliness and isolation and unemployment are identified as main concerns in vulnerable communities. Read the findings from Sheffield centres here.
  • Community organisations and smaller charities: Identity loss and a growing skill gap and deficit emerged as top barriers hindering access to vulnerable communities. Community organisations are efficiently positioned to bridge the gap – GOW reminds people that they are not alone.
  • Older and elderly people people: 47% of people who have never used the internet in the UK are over 75, despite over 75s making up just 7.78% of the total UK population. The diagram below highlights the four main motivational groups and barriers identified by Good Things Foundation and BT’s research in 2018.
  • Finally, Government, and of course, the awesome Good Things Foundation, Online Centres Network, and Lloyds Bank/Halifax/Bank of Scotland. Everyone benefits from participating in and/or supporting Get Online Week!!

Get Online Week at Brandon Estate

I joined forces with Southwark Libraries and Community Bridges to bring Get Online Week Brandon Estate (2018) to southwark for the first time in 2018 – through Brandon Estate‘s Brandon Library. In 2018, we supported 30 people with tech skill, and developed 2 successful businesses. This year, we will take over and improve a local business and support residents with tech from the business. We will also join Latin American Disabled People Project for a pop-up session and some Get Online Week bingo at Jack Hobbs Club.

Tech Clinic is the only Get Online Week event in Southwark 2018 & 2019

Since 2006, Get Online campaigns have reached more than half a million people. According to Helen Milner OBE, this is an amazing achievement but there’s still more to do – 5.3 million people have never been online in the UK and there are 11.9 million people who don’t have the essential digital skills to navigate life and work – this is where Get Online Week comes in.

2019 is particularly significant because it marks the fourth year of a rich and fruitful partnership between Good Things Foundation and Lloyds Bank/Halifax/Bank of Scotland. The partnership which has empowered and galvanised many small charities and community organisations, such as IFB Gaming, to make practical and actionable changes in their local communities.

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