Our Journey

IFB Gaming is the first games-based research and learning organisation in England.

The I-F-B in IFB UK and IFB Gaming stands for International Friends Bureau

IFB was born from 2x Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional quantitative and qualitative virtual-ethnography conducted at the University of Portsmouth between 2010-15.

2005 – Virtual Ethnography

Virtual ethnography is ethnographic research conducted in an online environment. During the VE, we studied multiplayer online cultures and spaces – that is the is the study of games, the act of playing them, and the players and cultures surrounding games.

Ethnography is about engaging in fieldwork to immerse oneself in the digital cultures and spaces that one is studying. Virtual ethnography is basically the study of online communities and cultures in online environments and spaces.

Virtual Ethnography has been termed differently by various researchers and different disciplines. Other terms used to described ethnographic research online are digital ethnography, netnography, online ethnography and cyber ethnography.

At this stage of the VE, we understood and captured the motivations behind the sudden influx of video game users to social media shortly after the proliferation of Facebook in 2004.

2010 – Virtual Ethnography

At this stage, the VE explored the extent of modality switching from the gaming paradigm and the vitality of online communities as a social accommodator.

2011 – Cross-Sectional Study

A cross-sectional study is a type of observational study that analyses data from a population, or a representative subset, at a specific point in time.

2015 – Cross-Sectional Analysis

Conducted in partnership with Dr. Andrew Lee & Dr. John Daly at the (University of Portsmouth)

2018 – Online Centres Network

IFB joins Good Things Foundation’s Online Centres Network

2019 – IFB is formalized by John Adewole

IFB Gaming becomes a formal research and learning organization in London

2020 – IFB joins Future Dot Now Coalition

IFB Gaming joins Future Dot Now coalition

2021 – Awarded a Guinness World Record

Most pledges for an educational safety campaign in 24hrs

2021 – Coducted first usability testing of the Covid-19 content on the NHS website and application

Supported NHS Digital to recruit participants for Usability Testing

2021 – Supported NHS Digital with NHS Language Project

To understand the users and develop healthcare products and services that work for everyone in England & Wales

Supported NHS Digital to design research methods for BSL (British Sign Language) speakers and recruited BSL participants for the research

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