Southwark Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment


Southwark council is keen to engage with different groups in Southwark to hear their views, experiences and needs related to pharmacy services in the borough through PNA.

PNA stands for Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment. PNA is a structured approach to assessing the needs of an area (Southwark) for pharmaceutical services that are provided as part of the NHS.

Your voice and opinion will help pharmaceutical service providers and commissioners in Southwark to:

  • Understand the health and pharmaceutical needs of the population
  • Gain a clearer picture of pharmaceutical services currently provided and address any identified gaps
  • Commission appropriate and accessible services from community pharmacies.
  • Target services that will help to reduce health inequalities within local health communities

This is an opportunity to use your voice to support real change in health and social care in England & Wales.

Here are the specifics

  • The assessment will be conducted via an online focus group
  • The focus group will take place before 21st March
  • We will give participants £10 each for their contributions.
  • The focus groups will last for 1.5-2hrs  
  • The focus group will be facilitated by Public Health colleagues
  • The focus group will be organised online or face to face