Risk Management Journal

Risk 2018


Risk is any event or activity that can alter a predefined journey. A Risk can either be a threat or an opportunity.


A 2018 Risks Report published by Zurich identifies many challenges and key risks (opportunities and threat) to consider in the months ahead. The report points to several relevant areas of significant concern in (1) environmental, (2) technological, (3) geopolitical, (4) societal and (5) economic dimensions.


In summary…


  • We are pushing our planet beyond her known limit
  • There are open signs of weakness and distrust in governing and democratic systems
  • We are not sufficiently prepared for cyber-attacks
  • Inclusion and growth alone will not sew the damaged social fabric
  • Organisational structure and culture remain top barriers for transformation
  • The risks of international conflicts and immigration is increasing
  • Waste management is an impending threat


All you need to know about Risk

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