3Ps for powering up action in small communities

In the article, I discuss the 3Ps framework for powering community action and how IFB Gaming used the 3-step change framework to support charities and community organizations at Southwark’s Brandon Estate. Power Up People and Businesses: This is about building digital confidence so that people are motivated to learn and keep on learning, and applyContinue reading “3Ps for powering up action in small communities”

Why closing Maddock surgery is bad for the community’s heath

Brandon Estate’s only GP surgery, Maddock way surgery, is set to close at the end of March. The borough’s CCG’s (Clinical Commission Group) PCCC’s (Primary Care Commissioning Committee) has asked patients to register at another local practice. Local people have also been advised to register after an upcoming consultation with residents and stakeholders. The consultationContinue reading “Why closing Maddock surgery is bad for the community’s heath”

What you need to know about volunteering & digital champions

A digital champion is an emerging form of volunteer that reflects contemporary living and technology-adoption maturity. In addition to the expectations of traditional volunteers, a digital champion helps others understand the benefits of using the internet and shows them how to do simple things online. You don’t need to be a computer whizz, you justContinue reading “What you need to know about volunteering & digital champions”

Top challenges facing charities and community organizations in England

Social inclusion is a topical issue in many arenas – many organisations are also participating to enable capability for all amidst technology-adoption maturity. Recent investigations through the UK’s flagship Online Centres Network highlights 6 topical issues facing charities and community organisations as they tackle social inclusion. I am particularly drawn to the investigation in discussionContinue reading “Top challenges facing charities and community organizations in England”

Bridging The Digital Divide on Brandon Estate

“…Although Government and other organisations are prioritising digital inclusion, we know more can be done, and more quickly, with greater commitment and by working in partnership across sectors…” — Good Things Foundation Bridging The Digital Divide calls on Government and other organisations to commit to helping us get everyone in the UK online by 2028.Continue reading “Bridging The Digital Divide on Brandon Estate”

Get Online Week at Brandon Estate: After Campaign Report

Yay! we participated in Get Online week at Brandon Estate !! What is Get Online week? It’s a week set-aside by UK charities to reinvigorate out collective commitment to tackling social exclusion and integration in England. The campaign was birth in 2006/07 and championed by Good Things Foundation. ⚡️ “Get Online Week 2018” by @getonlineweekhttps://t.co/pzKrfNBN3VContinue reading “Get Online Week at Brandon Estate: After Campaign Report”

Community Brandon: Get Online Week 2018

Get Online Week is back! This year, charities and community organisations serving Brandon unite at the Brandon library to celebrate the event for the first time in our sector. The 7-day campaign will give local charity leaders (such as Find My Charity, IFB Gaming, Southwark library service and Online Centres Network) an opportunity to networkContinue reading “Community Brandon: Get Online Week 2018”

Community Brandon: The benefits of using your local library

Research consistently shows that when we teach children life skills at a young age, they grow to become smart men and women. The library is a partner in child and adult development, lifelong learning and community cohesion. Personally, I’m convinced that the library has a gluing role in social cohesion and integration. Below I impart with myContinue reading “Community Brandon: The benefits of using your local library”