Why closing Maddock surgery is bad for the community’s heath

Brandon Estate’s only GP surgery, Maddock way surgery, is set to close at the end of March. The borough’s CCG’s (Clinical Commission Group) PCCC’s (Primary Care Commissioning Committee) has asked patients to register at another local practice. Local people have also been advised to register after an upcoming consultation with residents and stakeholders. The consultationContinue reading “Why closing Maddock surgery is bad for the community’s heath”

Community Brandon: Get Online Week 2018

Get Online Week is back! This year, charities and community organisations serving Brandon unite at the Brandon library to celebrate the event for the first time in our sector. The 7-day campaign will give local charity leaders (such as Find My Charity, IFB Gaming, Southwark library service and Online Centres Network) an opportunity to networkContinue reading “Community Brandon: Get Online Week 2018”