The Foreign Office 2021’s Integrated Review: Yay or Nay?

The Pandemic has certainly changed the face of society as we know it for the foreseeable future. Although ‘cataclysmic’ in nature, the Pandemic has not only disrupted every walk of life, it has also exposed certain societal gaps – that should be addressed. The inherent lockdown has highlighted certain health and learning inequalities and weContinue reading “The Foreign Office 2021’s Integrated Review: Yay or Nay?”

VoiceBox Café: Giving Women a voice in politics and public life

Good Things Foundation was recently awarded one of eight grants to deliver NEW “Use Your Voice” through VoiceBox Cafés in England. The project is funded by Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme, it is part of Bridging The Digital Divide, and it exists to give Women a voice in politics and public life. In the article, I introduce projectContinue reading “VoiceBox Café: Giving Women a voice in politics and public life”

Introducing music to our social/digital inclusion design

Taking music lessons or learning a musical instrument can benefit a developing brain in many ways. It is scientifically proven that music has magical effects on a person’s brain development and logical and perceptual skills. Children exposed to music lessons at a young age have enhanced brain functionality positively impacting their skills, development, exposure andContinue reading “Introducing music to our social/digital inclusion design”

Hope perspective: How to understand how memory works

According to Dr Lorraine Hope at the University of Portsmouth, memory makes us who we are, and although memory is reliable – it is not necessary for us to be false or deliberately economical with the truth to inaccurately state a fact/facts. Despite contemporary approach to memory and the success rate within applied psychological fields,Continue reading “Hope perspective: How to understand how memory works”