Simple tips for parents/guardians of young gamers

The New York Times published a pretty bleak look at what quarantine induced screen/gaming time is theoretically doing to kids in January of 2020. But this is not a new topic or issue. Silent movies were said to provoke crime. Violent TV and, later, violent video games said to cause violent crimes. War games have been said to cause mass-shootings. In fairness,Continue reading “Simple tips for parents/guardians of young gamers”

DISCIPLINE – Finding the right approach.

He was three at the time. He did something wrong – cannot remember vividly what exactly that was. Then he was summoned by his mom… “Did you do it?” she kept asking, obviously very displeased at what he did. “NO!” he insisted, with that innocent look on his face. But she was sure he didContinue reading “DISCIPLINE – Finding the right approach.”

Tablets during these uncertain times: Yay or Nay?

Love them or hate them, a new tablet is on many people’s mind during these uncertain times. However, along with the purchase of a new tablet inevitably comes the guilt of giving your children more “screen time”. Now, before the guilt sets in let me clear up some of the misperceptions that many parents haveContinue reading “Tablets during these uncertain times: Yay or Nay?”