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The Pandemic has exposed gaps in provisions, learning and healthcare and various organisations and trusts are keen to bridge these gaps.

For this reason, healthcare organisations are currently exploring new ways to make healthcare products and services inclusive and accessible and usable by everyone in England.

It is essential for these organisations to include the users at every stage of their products and services life-cycle.

But rather than finding solutions at the moment, these organisations and trusts want to focus on understanding what the needs of the citizens are.

The aim of the project is to understand how to better support people who may not read written or struggle with reading and/or writing English.

This includes, but is not limited to…

  • people who have English as a second language,
  • people who communicate using British Sign Language,
  • people who may be English natives, but struggle with reading,
  • people that support others who struggle with reading and understanding English.

This is a good opportunity to use your voice to improve how healthcare products and services are designed and rolled out in England.

Find out about patient data, health and care information, why your data is important and NHS Digital’s special role in the NHS here.

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