Players May Download Google Stadia Games on PC; Thanks to Ubisoft

Google released Stadia in 2019, quickly becoming a strong competitor to services like Amazon Luna and Nvidia GeForce Now, which had been around for a while.

However, after the statement by Google that it would be shuttering Stadia on January 18, 2022, many users have been wondering what will happen to their collection of titles on the website.

But in an article from The Verge, Ubisoft made it clear that customers who buy a Ubisoft game through Google Stadia will be able to move it to their computers. They will retrieve their games before January 2023. However, the date for this function has not been disclosed.

On the Stadia website, Ubisoft has already released a series of games, including Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six Siege, Rayman Legends, Far Cry 5, Uno, Riders Republic, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and others.

The game developer revealed plans to bring titles, including Far Cry 4, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, and Skull and Bones, to the cloud gaming platform.

But be confident that you’ll be able to request a reimbursement if you don’t want to move your Stadia games to PC. Ubisoft even makes things simpler by allowing you to transfer your Stadia games to a Ubisoft account. You can then play the games on cloud gaming platforms like Amazon Luna and Nvidia GeForce.

Google is now providing reimbursements on hardware bought via its shop, in addition to game sales and pre-orders.