The October Titles Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass offered by Microsoft is among the best-paid games you should acquire. Since Microsoft is constantly adding new video games to its library, it’s an excellent idea to go through the new releases on Xbox Game Pass, plus those that may shortly be added.

In this section, we’ll illustrate and discuss the recent and forthcoming titles that Microsoft introduced to the Xbox Game Pass.

Medieval Dynasty

The Middle Ages serve as the backdrop for the Medieval Dynasty, which is now included in the Game Pass subscription service. It is a hybrid game combining survival, simulation, strategy, and role-playing elements and has the most cutting-edge visuals available. You can play Dynasty on Series S and Xbox Series consoles.

Chivalry 2

First-person shooter Chivalry 2 is the successor to the critically acclaimed Chivalry. It takes heavy inspiration from the characters in films like Ubisoft’s For Honor. Swords clashing, archers firing, and castles being besieged are all sounds fans of titles like Ubisoft’s For Honor. It can be played on the PC, consoles, and Xbox Cloud.

The Walking Dead 

Season One

The game takes place within the exact setting as the multi-award-selling comic book and puts gamers in the role of Lee Everett, a crook who must find a way to stay alive in a society overrun by zombies. Users on PC who have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass may access the game. 

Season Two

This season is about a young girl called Clementine. She is an orphan who must learn to survive in a society overrun by zombies. Fans who have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass on their personal computers can access the season.

Costume Quest

For those who enjoy playing acting games, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to try out Costume Quest. As they go through the game and accomplish various objectives, players can acquire magical clothes endowed with unique abilities, one-of-a-kind weaponry, and other exclusive and valuable gear.

The game, which can be played on consoles and the cloud, allows players to embark on a critical mission to rescue Halloween while exploring locations such as Autumn Haven Mall, Fall Valley Carnival, and Auburn Pines. On October 11, players will access the game on the cloud and consoles. Beginning on October 13, customers of Xbox Game Pass on PC will be allowed to access the game.


Eville is an upcoming game where participants must deceive their allies into emerging victorious. The player’s only chance at survival in this game, which takes place in a town shaken by a string of killings, is to persuade their fellow players that they did not commit the crimes. On October 11, players with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass on either a console or a personal computer will have access to the Eville game.

Dyson Sphere Program

The Dyson Sphere is a space tactical game in which participants are tasked with gathering materials, designing production plants, drawing power from stars, and constructing factories in space.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Following the success of the first game in the series, A Plague Tale, the next game places players in a setting where they must find out what they must do to save the people they care about while also fighting to protect themselves. On October 18, the program will become accessible to gamers on the cloud, personal computers, and Xbox consoles Series X and S.


Scorn, a horror video game, is one of the year’s most popular titles. Gamers must take better actions once hurled into a world dominated by terrifying monsters. October 14 will be the day the video game will become accessible to gamers on the cloud, personal computers, and Xbox consoles Series X and Series S.