God of War, Spider-Man, and More Titles From Sony PlayStation Will Be Discounted During the Diwali Sale

The PlayStation Diwali sale is set to start on October 5, 2022. Some of the most popular games, like Horizon: Forbidden West, Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, and the Legacy of Thieves, will likely be on sale at discounts.

We already have the first glimpse of what to anticipate from the Diwali sale and the discounts that will be offered on popular games following a recent tweet from Rishi Alwani. 

The price of Legacy of Thieves, which consists of Uncharted Four and The Lost Legacy, will be reduced to Rs 1999 from the current Rs 2,999. Forbidden West will be reduced to Rs 3,999 from its current Rs 4,999.

Rift Apart will be reduced to Rs 2,999 from Rs 4,999, while Gran Turismo 7, previously available for Rs 4,999, will go down to Rs 3,999. Marvel’s Spider-Man will cost Rs 2,499 for the basic version and Rs 3,999 for the ultimate version.

Furthermore, there will be sales of several well-known Sony PS4 titles. The Last of US Part II is Rs 1,499, the Ghost of Tsushima at Rs 1999, Spider-Man at Rs 1,499 for the standard edition, and Rs 1,999 for the Game of the Year Version, respectively.